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Even the best firearms in the world occasionally need to be serviced!

If you wish to ship a firearm to a Beretta Authorized Service Center, please do the following:

1. Please contact Beretta or one of our service centers to see if the issue can be resolved without sending in the firearm. If required, Beretta or the service center will advise you to return your firearm for service and your shipping options.

2. Send the complete firearm, including choke tubes for shotguns and magazines for pistols, rifles and carbines. We cannot perform a proper diagnosis of your problem without all of the pieces of your firearm! Please ensure that your firearm is cleared of live ammunition. Do not ship your firearm with a live round in the chamber or magazine nor any ammunition with it.

3. Securely package your firearm and insure it against loss, damage and theft. If you are uncertain of how to ship your firearm, please check out UPS or Federal Express to learn more on your shipping options. Do not ship your firearm in a box that bears ammunition or any hazardous material markings, including Lithium batteries (or any markings suggesting some may be contained within).

4. After you have packaged your firearm, please place a letter or note in the box describing the problem with the firearm or complete this repair form. Please include the following information:

Your name
Return street address (no Post Office boxes - we cannot ship to them) including city, state and zip
Description of the problem with your firearm and type of ammunition used
Telephone number and e-mail address where we can contact you if we have questions
Enclose a copy of your original sales receipt
Please indicate your height and weight (optional) as this may help us diagnose firearm functional issues.







5. Once you have completed the above steps, ship your firearm to a Beretta Authorized Service Center.

6. Upon receipt of your firearm, we will repair it according to your instructions or contact you if we have any questions or require your authorization to proceed. Customers that ship their firearms to the Accokeek Service Center will be mailed a receipt confirmation. For all other service centers, please contact the service center to verify receipt and status of your firearm.

7. To check on the status of the repair, please call the phone number of the service center where you shipped your firearm. Please have the serial number of your firearm available when you call. If you shipped your firearm to Beretta USA, you can check your status here.

8. If your firearm is no longer under warranty, you may be charged a $70.00 evaluation fee. This fee is waived if the customer approves to payment for the repairs. There may be additional charges for the actual repairs. Please click here for more information on our policies regarding shipping charges and fees.

9. NOTICE: If your state or local law requires that you have a serial number specific ownership permit for any handgun you receive, or if you are required by state or local law to receive a replacement handgun only through a licensed firearm dealer, please notify us so that we can provide you with the serial number of your replacement handgun and so that we can make arrangements to deliver your handgun in accordance with those requirements. In states that require us to return a firearm via an in-state FFL, Beretta will not reimburse any fees associated with the transaction. We recommend that residents of NY, NJ, and CT ship their handguns for service via their local dealer. CT residents should ship long guns via their local dealer as well.





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