Neos Pistols Repair Status
Please enter the serial number of your Neos below and click search. This application only works for Neos pistols. Please use all capital letters - the serial number is case sensitive. Please note that there are no O's in your serial number, therefore please ensure that you enter a zero "0" if your serial number contains this character.

Enter your Serial Number:

If your Neos is not found, please recheck your serial number. The serial number begins with a C, P or an R. Do not include any letters or special characters located at the end of your serial number, such as a Y. Please refer to the image below to locate your serial number.
If your Neos is listed on the next page, with a "Yes" indicated in the Repair Completed column, then the repair update has already been applied. You do not need to send your Neos to Beretta.