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NEOS Frequently Asked Questions
General Recall Questions
1. Why does my NEOS need to be sent in for service? Beretta U.S.A. Corp. has discovered a potential condition with Beretta .22 caliber NEOS semiautomatic pistols in which the pistol will fire even if the safety is activated and, in some cases, the pistols may fire if the safety is moved from the OFF to the ON position. Chances of either of these situations occurring is extremely remote and no injuries have occurred because of this condition, however, because of safety concerns relating to this situation, Beretta U.S.A. Corp. is immediately implementing a recall of Beretta .22 caliber NEOS semiautomatic pistols.
2. How do I send my NEOS in for repair? You should first check to determine if your NEOS pistol requires service by using the inspection methods listed on this web site. If your NEOS pistol does require service, please send it to our Accokeek Maryland Service Center for repair. Please ensure that you securely package your firearm to preclude damages during transit. Beretta cannot be held responsible for repairs during transit to our facility. Please send only the pistol. Do not include any magazines or accessories. Beretta will not be responsible for other items shipped with your pistol.
3. How long does it take to repair my NEOS?
We anticipate that repair time, from date of receipt, will take approximately 3 weeks, depending upon the number we receive and our parts and labor availability. Once we have serviced your NEOS, we will ship it back to you. You can check your service status here. To obtain an approximate completion date, please review the information on this page. We service the pistols on a first-in/first-out basis. Due to the shipping and turnaround times involved, we highly recommend that you apply a light coat of oil to your NEOS pistol prior to shipping in order to prevent rust during transit and while awaiting service.
4. How much will it cost to repair my NEOS There will be no cost to you, provided that you generate your UPS Call Tag at, you will not incur any shipping charges. The repairs and return shipping are at no cost to you. If you ship your NEOS to Beretta at your own expense, we will be unable to reimburse you.
5. What if I have other issues with my NEOS that I would like to have repaired when I send it in for the NEOS service? Beretta will gladly inspect and repair other issues with your NEOS. First we will apply the NEOS repair, and we will then send your NEOS to our service department for evaluation. Our service department will generate a work order on your NEOS and send you a letter confirming receipt. Depending upon the nature of the repairs you request, there may be a cost involved. The service department will advise you of any repair costs and receive your approval prior to performing the work. When all repairs are completed, we will return your NEOS and pay the shipping costs. Please be advised that if you request additional work performed upon your NEOS, repair times will vary based upon our Service Department workload. Currently, repair turnaround time is approximately 6 weeks. You will be able to track the status of your NEOS here.
6. Can I send in other firearms for servicing when I ship my NEOS to Beretta? No. You may not send any other firearms in for service under the NEOS repair program. If you have other firearms that require service, they should be sent to one of the Beretta service centers specified here.
7. How can I check on the repair status of my NEOS? We will repair your NEOS and return it to you as quickly as possible. We maintain a repair status on our support web site at We recommend that you check our web site for the current status of your repair. Due to the anticipated telephone volume in relation to our staffing levels, we recommend that you do not attempt to contact us by telephone.
8. Can my dealer repair my NEOS? No. You will need to send your NEOS to our Accokeek, MD service center. Please do not send your NEOS to a dealer or other service center, as this will only delay your service.
9. I don't want to send my NEOS in for service. Why can't Beretta just send me the parts and let me fix it myself? Due to the nature of the repairs, they must be performed by the factory. Special inspections have to be conducted to ensure that the parts have been properly installed and that the firearm is functioning properly. Beretta will not send parts to an individual nor gunsmith for installation.
10. Can I obtain a refund for my NEOS pistol rather than having it repaired? No. The repair can easily be performed by the factory and firearm returned to you. We do not offer refunds.
11. I have heard that all I have to do is replace the firing pin and this will resolve the issue. Where can I purchase a new firing pin? This information is incorrect. The firing pin is replaced along with other components. Additionally, special gauging and testing is performed in conjunction with the repair.
Shipping Questions
1. Does Beretta furnish a box or shipping container to return my pistol? How should I package my pistol for return? Beretta does not provide boxes or packaging. Many customers use their carrying case and then pack it inside of a standard cardboard box. UPS offers a "Small Box" that is suitable for an over-pack box for a NEOS carrying case. If you decide to use your carrying case, please ensure that you wrap the pistol to preclude it from moving around inside the case during the shipment process. Please include a note with your NEOS that specifies your serial number, name and address. This note will aid in tracking your pistol during the servicing/shipping process. Insure that the shipping box does not bear any hazardous material markings (ORMD) prior to shipment. If necessary, you can use a felt tipped black marker to make the markings unreadable. Otherwise, UPS will refuse your pick up.
2. Regarding shipping, I generated my call tag, but the application didn't allow me to print off a shipping label. How will UPS know where to ship my pistol? Once the call tag is generated, the UPS driver will show up the next business day for pick up. The UPS driver will have the shipping label, affix it to your package and provide you with a receipt. So all you need to do is generate the call tag and have your pistol packaged and ready for pick up. You can learn more details here.
3. Can I ship more than one pistol at a time with your UPS shipping application? No. In order to maintain accountability and ensure that you receive back the NEOS that you shipped to us, we need to have one serial number associated to one UPS tracking number. If you have more than one NEOS to ship to us for service, please generate a separate call tag for each one by serial number.
4. I shipped my NEOS to Accokeek as directed, but when I check the delivery status on the UPS web site, it states "Returned to Shipper." What does this mean? This means that your NEOS has been received at Accokeek for service. Since Beretta is paying for the shipment, we are deemed as the "Shipper" by UPS, thus "Returned to Shipper" means that we received what was shipped.
5. UPS has notified me that my NEOS is going to be delivered and that an adult signature is required. I am not home during the day time, can I ask UPS to leave my NEOS at their service center and pick it up when it is convenient for me? Yes. Please call the number on the delivery ticket that the driver left at your residence when they attempted the first delivery attempt. Ask them to hold your NEOS at their service center for pick up.
6. I generated my call tag and the UPS driver arrived. When I noticed that I was shipping a handgun, he refused to accept it. What do I do? UPS allows the shipments of handguns in accordance with their policies. UPS is aware of this situation and is working on a solution to ensure that this situation does not occur. In the interim, you can call Beretta at 1-800-BERETTA, ext. 2003 and advise us of the situation so that we can contact UPS. We will contact you once the situation is resolved.
7. I've generated a call tag for my NEOS recall, and the UPS driver has made one attempt to pick-up my package. I work during the pick-up hours of UPS throughout the week and will not be available until the driver has already made three attempts. How do I ship my NEOS? Beretta cannot schedule a pick up date and time through UPS. In order to ship your NEOS, you can contact UPS to obtain your call tag and drop off your pistol.

You can do this by calling the number on information notice that you received during the pick up attempt and stating the number stamped on it and telling the UPS service center that you will bring the package to their UPS customer counter for shipment. Be sure to obtain their hours of operation and directions to their location.

8. UPS attempted to deliver my NEOS after it was serviced by Beretta. I was not home and will not be home during their normal delivery hours. How can I get my NEOS? Your best course of action is to call the telephone number listed on the UPS notification that was left by the driver and request that your NEOS be held for customer pick up at the UPS Service Center. Be certain to obtain the hours of operation and directions. You will also need to bring photo identification. Beretta apologizes for any inconvenience you encounter, but UPS policies restrict handgun deliveries to delivery by a UPS driver or customer pick up at a UPS Service Center.
9. I live in Puerto Rico. How do I return my NEOS for service? What you need to do is take your NEOS pistol to a licensed dealer that has a valid US Federal Firearms License (FFL). Ask the dealer to generate the UPS Call Tag to have UPS pick up your NEOS for shipment to Accokeek. The dealer should prepare a commercial invoice to accompany your NEOS, which states "Returned for repair-Customs Value Only." Upon receipt of your NEOS, we will service it and ship it back to your dealer. Beretta will not assume any responsibilities for any accessorial charges that may be applied by the dealer.
10. The UPS driver was unable to deliver my NEOS because I was not available for delivery. What happens now? UPS will return the firearm to Beretta. Typically, we will attempt to contact you to confirm your delivery address and availability for pick up. Once we have confirmation, we will ship your NEOS back to you. Please note that since your NEOS left our factory, it will be returned to our service department for an additional inspection prior to shipping it back out. This process normally takes around two weeks from the time that your NEOS is returned to us.
Service Questions
1. I received my NEOS after it was serviced and I am experiencing issues with it. Can I send it back and have the issues resolved? Yes. You can generate a new UPS Call Tag and return your NEOS to Beretta. Please include a note or this form in the box explaining the problem with your NEOS so we can insure that we resolve it to your satisfaction. Most importantly, please download, print off and affix the following label to the exterior of the box or print in large letters "ATTN: SERVICE DEPARTMENT" on the box so that it is routed to the appropriate activity for prompt resolution once we receive it. Turnaround time from receipt is approximately two weeks, based upon gunsmithing workload.
2. When I sent my NEOS in for service, I sent two magazines. I received it back with only one. How do I get another magazine? As specified in FAQ 2 above, you should have only sent your NEOS with no magazines or accessories. Due to the number of pistols being processed, Beretta cannot account for every item sent with the pistol. We cannot furnish replacement magazines or accessories that were sent with the pistol.