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Px4 Storm Compact Service Campaign

Beretta identified a feeding problem that can occur with some of the early production (2011) Px4 Compact pistols when fired with low pressure ammunition. The issue arises only in the Px4 Compact and does not affect the standard size Px4 pistol, nor the Px4 Subcompact. This feeding problem typically stops occurring after the pistol has been broken-in through repeated firing.

Beretta has developed a polished guide rod and recoil spring that corrects the ammunition situation and is available for any customer experiencing feeding problems.

Not all Beretta Px4 Compact pistols are affected by this condition - all pistols produced in 2012 to present currently incorporate this enhanced feature. To determine if your pistol is affected and requires a self-installation service kit, please enter the serial number of your pistol below. Please enter letters in ALL CAPS.

Enter your Serial Number:

If your pistol requires the service kit, you will be directed to an order form to order the kit. You will see a redirect screen appear briefly. You can ignore this screen and wait for the order form page to appear. Upon submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation page and a confirming e-mail. Please allow two weeks for the delivery of your kit. The kit consists of two replacement components that are easy to install and includes an instruction sheet. The disassembly and reassembly procedures required to install this kit are also specified in your owners manual.